Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Model

I couldn't resist posting the entire series of these photos. I have been teaching Daphne how to model in front of the camera lately, and I think she is really getting the hang of it. It helps to show off clothes and things I have made when I have a good model. I like using a model rather than the black background I have been using. The black background gets old.

This is the pair of pants that I made and posted about before. I had a great deal of trouble with the pattern, but after a bit of perseverance, I found what I was doing wrong and I cut them up and started over. It worked out wonderfully. They are the favorite pair of pants that I have ever seen on anyone, and I love when Daphne wears them. They are made out of 100% wool interlock! They make lovely diaper covers for the younger baby.

Check out the way Daphne models the pants.

A bit of a blooper!

Her tiger face (a useful modeling tool).

I really do think I've got a model on my hands, at least for my own personal exploitation.

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