Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I finally decided that it was time to make it to Pompeii. I went to the tracks and got on the train. However, I realized at some point that I was on the train that was going to another location and that I would need to get off and switch trains. It was cloudy outside, and it had rained in the morning, but I decided to get off at a stop that actually was very attractive and drawing to me. It turns out that I chose the wrong stop because I was sitting there on the step watching the correct train that I was supposed to get on go by without stopping. Quite a while later, I was still sitting there, and I ended back on the train that I had gotten off of long before. I was able to switch several stops later.

I eventually ended up back and Pompeii, and with a very short walk, I was at the site. I went on up the hill with the crowd, and then I went off on my own. One of the wonderful things was that I was actually able to pull out my camera and take amazing photos. I spent the rest of the afternoon shooting photos, walking around and sitting to rest and feed the baby and myself.

Pompeii was a really fascinating place though. I was able to get a real idea of the way that the people lived during that time, and the houses were really amazingly built. I could really see the people come to life in front of me. It was interesting to think of such a tragedy happening in the lives of the people. The houses and columns and ruins were amazing. The amphitheatre was really fascinating because it was fully in tact. I got to see the mechanics of acoustics as well as functions in a perfectly preserved theatre. I was very fascinated. Pompeii really gave me an understanding of the surroundings of the people that I was in.

When I had walked my heart out and taken all of the photos that I could handle, I jumped back on the train home and had dinner, watched TV, checked my email and eventually fell asleep.

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