Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

Though much excitement comes before a trop such as the one I have planned, it is almost impossible to estimate the many things that inevitably follow.

This writing starts 5 days into my trip due to the incredible high intensity that has precipitated.

I left home under very unusual circumstanced, and it can only be due to my strong, (pig headed) will that I made it at all. In my travels, I meet person after person that is surprised by my circumstance, and their surprise only surprised me. I left home the first day of my twelfth week of pregnancy. That looming second trimester I keep hearing all about. Jared, as always was ridiculous supportive giving me not only the courage to fulfill this sky- high desire, but also the funding to be away without working. He takes a very good attitude to his wife again leaving him in bachelor style with only our dog for company.

I got on a plane Monday, August 21st. I was to go from Portland to Seattle. Jared and I spent the day together furiously packing and shopping taking the time to see a movie together before the final goodbye.

When I got to my gate at the airport, they tried to shuffle me back and forth onto an earlier flight. My bags were transferred several times, which no doubt had a great affect on their eventual disappearance. The flight to Seattle was lovely. We were on a tiny plane that flew low, so I was able to enjoy the scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

When I got to Seattle, my flight to London was delayed by 1 hour, so I had a good 5 hours to kill. I got some dinner at Burger King (good fries), read my book (The Agony and the Ecstasy), and played solitaire on my computer until it was nearly dead. When we FINALLY did board, it was very nice. Because I was pregnant, I was upgraded to first class on the 747 that we were flying on. It was very nice. I slept all the way to London, only to wake up in time to see some of the country of England before landing.

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