Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Potty

I finally gave in recently, and borrowed a potty chair from a friend so that I can potty train Daphne.

She has been wearing diapers on a very limited basis since I found out she is allergic to strawberries. She still has a blister that will not go away, so until everything is healed up, no diapers for her. This sometimes results in her peeing on my floor. Respectfully, she almost never pees on the carpet, she pees on the hard floor, where it is easy to clean up, but it is still peeing on the floor.

I saw Daphne trying to sit on the potty chair, and I was sure that she had to go pee. She was trying so hard. I finally deduced that she had just gone pee not 4 feet from the potty chair, and she was trying to make it work.

A few hours later, she had to go pee again, and she tried to get into the potty chair, but she just missed, and she ended up peeing on the floor right next to it. I think we are getting very, very close.

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Melissa said...

That is the cutest!!! You should be really glad that she's interested in learning this awesome skill.