Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Disappearing Cat

Julie has gone on a trip to LA for 2 weeks, and she asked me to watch her animals. Her kitten, Moses has come to stay with us. She is a very young kitten, so she is full of energy, and mischief.

As we were getting all the animals settled, she was following us around, but when Julie was about to leave, we couldn't find the cat. We thought that we heard meowing under the house, but every time I went under to find her, we could not find her.

We gave up, and I came back several hours later.

It turned out that she was under the house. She had crawled up by the laundry vent and was sitting between where the metal rests on the cinder blocks for the foundation of the house. It was awful hard to get her out, but she was happy that we did rescue

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