Monday, July 28, 2008

Crafty One

Daphne is becoming very crafty very quickly, and we are having to scramble.

On Sunday, we were trying to watch the finale of a show we like to watch, and it was not meant to be. Daphne was running around causing all kind of havoc. She was pulling things of shelves, putting objects in the VCR, peeing on my sewing patterns and just generally demanding the attention that was not forthcoming!

When papa Bob came up a few weeks ago, one of the things that he brought up was a small chair that used to be Jared's. Daphne likes to sit in small chairs, and she was amused for weeks about being able to sit in the chair like everyone else.

Recently, however, another idea has occurred to her. She realized that the chair is light enough for her to carry and that she has the ability to stand on it to get up to something high.

I now look behind me often, and she is walking off with her chair and 2 minutes later, she is standing on it trying to food of the kitchen counter or the pin cushion off my sewing table.

She is becoming ever more crafty.

Last night as was wrapping things up to put her to bed, I looked in the kitchen, and she was standing on a cooler in there that she had drug in there so that she could get an apple.

We are scrambling to baby proof from Hurricane Daphne, and we are now closing ALL doors for ALL rooms that we are not currently in (including the bathroom because apparently the toilet makes a really good water toy!)

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