Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's Provolone not Mozzarella

I have been stocking up on milk so that I could make some fresh Mozzarella. I have an entire meal plan surrounding the idea of having some fresh Mozzarella around. I was going to make Capri Salad and I was going to make fresh from-scratch pizza.

The recipe that I have calls for 4 gallons of milk, so I have been stocking up on milk to be able to make it. The recipe also is the same recipe for Provolone, only you are supposed to omit a step or two.

I was going along making my cheese while doing 100 other things as usual. I got to the step where you stretch the curds, and it turns out that I did not omit the step I needed to. I have Provolone, not Mozzarella.

Oh well, I can age Provolone over a long period of time and make it really last. Guess I need to stock up on some more milk over the next couple of days and try it again.

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Melissa said...

Whoops--maybe if you weren't gabbing away on the phone while you tried to do things. :)