Saturday, July 26, 2008

Graveyard of Lost Things

I swear that one day I am going to find a graveyard of lost things. I have been missing a few things lately, but the list is quickly growing longer.

For one, my cell phone has been missing since the day that I got my new cell phone. I am convinced it is in my house, but in a search from top to bottom, it still has not appeared.

I have also been missing my flash diffuser. This is important and about 10 minutes before every wedding I go to, I search the house looking for it until I get up in sadness that I might have to spend another chunk of change to replace it.

Oh.. and there is always the snap press die that I had to reorder and am waiting anxiously for.

Daphne is also missing one pink shoe with a flower on it. I think she left it at my sister's house, but it is nowhere to be found there.

And so, I go through life anxiously awaiting when these things will show up. I imagine when we are packing up her room for college that I will find all these long lost things and we will have a good laugh.

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