Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pedal Across America

After my recent bike decimation, I was distraught. After searching for what to do, it became abundantly clear that it was going to cost more to fix the bike than it would to just replace it. Distraught, I got an email that turned things around for me.

The email notified me that I am the sole recipient of the Pedal Across America Bike Award. I am being rewarded for me serious dedication to decreasing my carbon footprint by using my bicycle to get around.

I was awarded with a new bike. This is not just any bike, it is an Ecobike Elegence. What is so eco friendly about the bike? Well, it has an electric motor on it for one thing! Living in this hilly country makes it awful hard to ride a bike a long distance when you are hauling a kiddo with you. If only I could have the extra umph that would help me get up the hills, I could pedal happily for hours!

I went up to the bike store on Thursday to pick up the bike, and it was definitely love at first sight. The bike is beautiful and has everything I ever could have asked for in a bike.

I took her on a Maiden Voyage on Saturday. It was a 20 mile ride. We went over all terrain, gravel, dirt and pavement. We also went through the rain. My conclusion, the bike is fantastic, it has a lot of power when you need it, and it really seems to work wonderfully. I have a crazy new love of bikes, which I find to be fantastic.

Thanks George, for sponsoring the Pedal Across America Award!

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Melissa said...

Wow, that's AWESOME!! How much does this bike cost for we mere mortals?