Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We had such a small amount of time left in Pistoia, so we decided to again go down into the city and explore the things that it has in store.

We headed in to the Commune building to explore the Commune Museum. It is a museum with a lot of important works done in Pistoia all through history. We spent a lot of time in the Renaissance section. There weren’t a lot of great masterpieces that are well known, but it was very educational to look at the art that was being done. A lot of it was every bit as good as some of the stuff we were seeing in Florence. It’s hard to imagine that Pistoia was also a VERY important city in the Renaissance—unlike it’s role today.

After the Commune Museum, the group headed off to a museum of work by a famous sculptor named Marino Marini. It was interesting to look at his work. He is a modern art sculptor, and I did not like his work at all. I felt that he had never learned how to draw correctly and traditionally and was thus unable to transfer any quality into his work. I did not stay long, and I vowed to never let my art quality get to the point that I thought his had gone to.

I went home and spent the afternoon photographing one of my friends in the fountain of the villa. She has a wonderful personality, and I’m sure that if you see my portfolio that you will see the photos I took of her.

Dinner was Calamari, soup, turkey with spinach, fish, fruit, cheese and bread.

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