Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006

We were going to head into Pistoia, but it turned out that there was a bus strike in Pistoia, so it was very difficult to pull off moving a group around odd bus schedules. Everything that was planned in Pistoia for the day was cancelled, and we had classes at the villa in the afternoon instead.

We had the morning off, and I decided that it would be a very good time to catch up on things I needed to do like get my journal up to date. I wasn’t quite there, but I got a lot closer.

I was not feeling very good, so I ended up spending the morning and part of the afternoon making potato soup that I would be able to eat. I had not been feeling well, and I was not able to eat anything that we were having for dinner. John started working on the soup, and I took over.

I missed writing class because I was making soup, but I went to Drawing, Photography and Painting after. It is nice to get back in the groove, but we are reviewing things that I have heard twice already. It will be nice to be in Paros with the ability to work soon.

We had a lovely dinner, but I wasn’t able to eat very much of it, so I ended up eating apples.

Jeffrey talked about the things that we would need to do the next day in Siena after dinner.

A student that was here when Nicole Alba and Savana Kretchmar were here came with her portfolio that she had used to complete college with. The photos were all photos that had been taken while in Pistoia and in Greece, and it was really nice to get an idea of the quality of work that had been done in the past. It was very educational.

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