Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Neither Christy or I were able to sleep, so we were up early and ready to head to the train station to take the train. When we got our tickets the night before, I learned that I was going to have to pay a very stiff fee unless I wanted to take the slow train. Christy agreed to come with me, and was able to take the train for less than half the price of the fast one. John strongly recommended not taking the slow train, but I learned quickly that it wasn’t such a bad idea. I was able to take a look at the scenery around me, and it only took twice as long as the fast train. It wasn’t bad for a free trip for me and a price-reduced trip for Christy. We were both tired from the night before, but we were able to make good conversation along the way.

When we finally got to Florence, we hopped the next train to Pistoia. I was positive that there were going to be other students on the train with us, but I didn’t see anyone there with us. We took the short train journey and were able to quickly get off in Pistoia.

At the train station, I didn’t see any taxis right away, and there was another student sitting there waiting for one. I asked if both her (Darla) and Christy were interested in trying to take the bus. I went over to the bus station and was able to get information. There was a bus going to the villa shortly, so we went and got on it with no problem.

We were dropped at the villa door, and it was really amazing. I recognized the villa from photos at the school, but it was truly a Tuscan Italian villa. I was happy. As we started to walk up the drive, Morgan and Gabriel came running down to help with the luggage. It was good to finally be at the villa.

I was able to say hi to both Liz and John, and there was a full spread of food available to partake of. I sat and talked for a long while with Liz. I told her the secret I had been keeping from her about being pregnant, and she was very happy. She told me that she had noticed in my last interactions with Jared that we had a very good relationship and that I was a very loyal wife. I liked the compliment.

I spent the rest of the day just hanging out, learning new names and spending time with old faces.

Dinner was at 8:00, and I was really glad that I was there. The meals at the villa are 3-5 course meals with salad, cheese and fruit after. The pasta that comes as the first course is just amazing, and as long as I’m feeling well enough to eat varied and random foods, the food is really great. There is wine with the meals. I haven’t had any, but I was able to have just a small taste of it, to know what traditional Chianti tastes like. It was quite nice. I wasn’t feeling really great though, so I went and found some coke to be able to spike my blood sugar and continue on with dinner.

Dinner: Flat Pasta with cheese and tomato sauce, baked potatoes, pork, salad, cheese and fruit.

It just so happened that first day that the villa had been rented out to host a wedding. The students were arriving in the middle of the bride and groom and all of their friends. The back of the villa was set up very nicely. The reception for the wedding was around the fountain. There was lots of food and music.

After dinner, we were all invited out to dance and party with the wedding. They were very happy to have us. All but one of the students went out on the floor to dance, and all of the professors were out there. We had a blast, and it was an amazing kick off to the start of the fall session.

The music and dancing lasted late into the night—long after I was able to stand it, so I went to bed.

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