Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

We were going to have another day in Florence. I have really gotten to know the city well, and it was a joy to be able to spend another day in it looking at the amazing works of art that are available.

We all traveled in to Florence together and went directly to the Bargello. The Bargello is the most important sculpture museum in Florence and quite possibly the world. It has some of the most important pieces from some of the most important sculptors in the world. When we got there, we were able to get in for free because we were technically a “European school group.” We then also found out that the top floor was completely closed down for “unknown reasons.” We later found out that “unknown reasons” meant that there had been some minor thefts done as inside jobs and that they were being investigated. (Was I supposed to publish that information or not?)

The sculptures in the museum were very wonderful. I’m sure that on my blog that I have used many different adjectives over and over again in a very tiring manner, but the truth is that they are all completely accurate.

The Bargello had quite a few works that I have been studying for my entire Art History career. The ability to see Donatello’s David was very incredible.

I was also able to see lots of works by Michelangelo. The only ones that I have not seen now are the ones that are in the Casa Buronotti and the two works in Milan and Bruge.

After a long lunch, the group headed off to Santa Croce. The church has a lot of importantance as far as the history of Florence is concerned. Michelangelo is buried in it, and he spent time during his life studying in it. There are some very important frescoes by Giotto and the cloister (which is amazing) was designed by Brunelleschi. I really enjoyed the area.

We went home and made it home just in time for dinner.

After dinner, we listened to music with Jeffrey again.

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