Thursday, May 01, 2008

Life Update

I have been a little sporadic about posting recently, at least it feels that way, I used to post several posts a day, and I am down to one per day. I have even slowed down on taking video and photos.

And I plan to remedy that.

Daphne does not like to let me work on my computer AT ALL, which means that the time I get to sit down to myself is either when she is napping or when she has gone to bed (or has not yet woken up).

Usually, she takes her nap when I go to milk the goat. She falls asleep in the car and I park it in the shade with the windows rolled down and the radio on while I head around the corner to milk the goat. She then stays asleep until I get home, where I turn the radio on and roll the windows down.

I don't like to leave her in the car herself, so during this time, I have been going outside with my snap press (used to put snaps on diapers), and I sit outside of the car making diapers until she wakes up again.

The only problem with this system of sleeping is that I don't get the things I need to do.

You see, when Daphne is asleep, I have to allocate my time.

Do I

a.) pay the bills and balance the checking acount
b.) reply to emails that I have been ignoring for some time
c.) get back to wedding clients I am a little late on talking to
d.) clean the house up after Hurricane Daphne
e.) make the diapers that are my new way of living
f.) start to make the food in the kitchen that needs to be made
g.) get caught up on school
e.) do any other project around the house I can't do with a baby
f.) blog

Truth be told, everything gets put off for the most part except for getting caught up on college. Email is not a good way to contact me right now, nor is the phone. I guess I am just in a little hole while I work through all this stuff I have to do.

You see, I still am determined to go to school. I have only 2 semesters left as long as I can get PSU to honor one more semester that I did abroad. That means that I will be graduating by December. I can always take another year of torture or so right? Having my degree will make me feel like I completed something and accomplished something. I will get a lot of time back when I do complete my degree, but for now, it is a permanent part of my life.

I am also starting to make diapers for money. It is official. I am finishing 40 diapers right now for someone and then I have more sets to go. The good news is that if I sell 11,500 diapers, I will pay off our debt. The bad news is that that does not count taxes, and that is a LOT of diapers to make. The 40 I am working on now is a huge project. I am taking it one step at a time, but this is the only method I can come up with of paying down our debt.

I don't know why I am so desperate to pay off our debt. Jared and my lives will be a lot easier without this money looming over our heads. We pay a fair amount of our monthly budget to it every month. As soon as we pay off the credit cars, I am going to cut up the cards so that they can't be used. I won't close the accounts because that dings your credit for when you go to buy a house or anything, but I just plan to leave them there empty never to be used again. The good news is that Jared is feeling so, so much better that this should never be a problem again.

Truth be told, I really, really want a farm, and I really, really want to have some more babies. Jared says we can't have another baby until we are out of debt, which at the past rate was going to take about 8 years. That is too long for me, so I am desperately trying to figure out how to pay off these credit cards so that I can move on with my life. So much of our attention and income would be freed up to do things like pay taxes and maybe save for retirement!

And the most important part... having another baby.

And so, I continue to do the things that I have been doing.

I am milking the goat and making lots of cheese. I have some Creme Fraiche and some Chevre culturing right now along side the gallon of yogurt that I made for Jared as well.

I plan to make some hard cheeses in the future, but I'm going to have to figure out how to press the cheese to do that.

That's life in a nutshell, sorry for not talking a whole lot more about it on a daily basis.


Robin said...

You're right -- 8 years is too many! I know you can make the debt disappear quickly -- especially when you get your diaper shop cranking.

If you want, I can help with the snaps part...not quite sure how I am at sewing the diapers yet.

Mella said...

Well, I'm glad you're still alive. :)