Thursday, May 29, 2008

Betting the Ponies

It has always been a lifelong dream for me to go see the race tracks where the triple crown races are run. Jesse and I headed out to see Pimlico almost a decade ago, and I realized that being in New York, we are right there where the Belmont is. The Belmont is almost always run on my birthday, and, that being next week, I was wanting to head up and see the action.

We arrived for the 1:00 post time, and we stayed for 8 races. After a slow start, I was able to start calling the races, and I won about $100 with my new betting style. Jared is convinced I should start betting online because I can pick them with a little knowledge and a little luck.

The track is so beautiful, and we were able to play with the ducks in the duck pond while I watched my last two horses win their races. It is so much fun to be in the grandstand and to be a part of such an old and wonderful ledgend.

I am so lucky that I got this chance to see the ponies and be a part of racing history.

Oh... and Daphne liked it too. She was fascinated by the horses, but she had a better resposne to the geese in the duck pond. She liked jumping up and down with me yelling for the winner of the race, and she really liked how excited I got when I won!

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