Friday, May 09, 2008


When I was in high school, I had to write a paper about communication without words.

When I started the paper, I was convinced that it was impossible to get anything done without using words because it just wasn't' possible. There was, in fact, a reason that the cave men decided to use their voice to delineate language, it is a basic thing that separates man from beast.

What I didn't know was how important nonverbal communication would be just a few short years later.

You see, we are becoming masters at communication that has nothing to do with words. Daphne's ability to think about things and want things is progressing much faster than her vocabulary, so she has formed a method of solving this for now.

If there is something that she wants that is in sight, she makes a fuss, not a cry, about it and points to it until you give it to her. Sometimes, her pointing is just in a general direction, and it takes some guessing. It is unmistakable what she wants though because the second you give it to her, you get a "hu huh huh" as a reward.

If she just wants something in general, she will make a crying fuss to get it, but as soon as you figure out what it is, you get your "hu huh huh" as a reward.

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