Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Staying Home

A friend of mine recently posted about the kind of fun that she gets to have when she stays home with her baby.

I was thinking about this this morning as I went about my routine.

While we were waiting for the oatmeal to cook for breakfast, Daphne and I sat in bed and pulled the covers over our heads. We call it our tent, and she likes to jump out from under the covers and scare anyone that walks by. We sat under the tent for about 20 minutes waiting for daddy to walk by so that we could scare him. She held on to a jar of grapes the whole time popping grapes every minute or so.

After breakfast, the garbage man came. Daphne is fascinated by the garbage man, and when he comes, we run outside to see him pick up the garbage cans with the big claw. She sits on the porch and waves to him and then claps when he is done. It amuses her that she has something to watch, and she makes the garbage man smile every time. Today, he stopped and said that he thought she was darling and that it is fun to see her every other week (ok, it's really the recycling man).

Those two moments aren't worth giving up for any amount of money. Thanks, Jared for letting us stay home together!

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