Sunday, August 10, 2008

1, 2,3

Ever since Daphne was a tiny baby, I always have counted things down with a hearty one, two, three. She has learned to expect anything that is going to happen to take place on the three.

A few months ago, when she started to talk a little bit, she started to pick up on mimicking numbers, and she would say five, eight and two.

Today, we were watching the Olympics, and I was inspired to flip her around in a front filp. I kept counting it off, and she eventually caught on.

Any time she wanted to do a flip, she would come up to me and say, "One, two..." and wait for me to give the Three while I flipped her.

As I was attempting to put her to bed, she was laying on top of me saying, "One, two three." Over and over again.

I think we've got the counting going!

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