Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pregnancy Update

For anyone that is reading my blog, I'm sure that you know by now that I'm pregnant. In the middle of all of this crazy traveling stuff I'm doing, I figured that I would give you an update on that end of life.

I am now 19 weeks pregnant. Some photos of my still rather small belly are a little further back on my blog. I will try to post some new ones shortly.

I had a sonogram this last week, and the doctor told me that everything was fine. I got to see the head and the heartbeat, and it was really exciting.

We are thinking of names, and we have some that are definite candidates in the running. However, even if we do decide, its going to be a secret until the baby is born, just for fun. :)

I'm still a little sick, but it seems to go away more and more every day. Hopefully the burning Greek sun I'm in constantly will help with that.

I'm on email again, so if you want to send me one off with any questions, I am totally here.

Hope to hear from you soon.

1 comment:

Mella said...

Yay, no more sickness! Did I tell you yet that old wives say bad morning sickness means it's a boy?