Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hello From Greece


It's been a while since I have talked to many of you, so I just wanted to send an email off to let you know what is going on with me.

I was in Italy for a month traveling all over from top to bottom and many places in between. I had such a fabulous experience, and nothing beats actually seeing the things that you have been studying about for years right in front of your face. It was a really intense experience for me, but I loved it. If you are interested in all of the details of that trip, I kept a daily journal for each of the days I was there, and it has been posted online at

I am now again in Paros, Greece on a little island studying photography, writing and art history. I love all of the subjects I have been working with, and the teachers are amazing. Tomorrow I really start cranking down on some projects, and I get to work on necessary items for my portfolio and the student show.

I will be on Paros until December 16th. Jared is going to come visit me in about a month, and we are both very excited to again be together in this wonderful and exotic land. There are so many things that I love about this place. I feel right at home, and it has in fact been my second home for the past two years making a tie with my house in Portland as far as time spent. :)

And yes, I'm doing all this pregnant. Currently, I'm 19 weeks, and it's really exciting. All of this traveling has really been amazing for me and for the baby. I swear that the baby is going to be speaking more Greek and English, and if I don't cook fully Greek meals, it will experience intense culture shock from day 1. I had an ultrasound last week, and everything looked fabulous. I'm even starting to feel better. It looks like there may be an end to this intense morning sickness! There are some photos of me online, but I don't look 19 weeks pregnant (or so everyone keeps telling me). To say the least, I'm still having to peel foreign men off me. It's kind of fun to watch the reaction on their faces when they realize that they just tried to hit on a pregnant woman though.

I am available again by email. I will try to contact you about once a week.

I hope that your autumn is going wonderfully. My blog has some photos and a lot of writing if you have some time or interest about my intense and wonderful trip to Italy.

Until next time.


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