Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chris' First Week

Ok. I know that I haven’t written a lot lately. After my hectic life before traveling to Europe followed by a three-week, whirlwind tour across Europe, I’ve taken the last week to just regather my life, sort out what direction the next two months are going in, and get set in a routine that will get me there. Though this is not yet accomplished, I am here, I have started school, and I have set into what could be considered a routine.

I have decided to take the following classes here to enhance my education.

Figure Drawing
Basic Drawing
Darkroom Photography
Digital Photography
Creative Writing
Art History

It is a hell of a lot, but I don’t see the point of working hard here while I’m here, and while I have the attention of the amazing mentors that the school has provided.

Here’s how I spent my last week while I was busy NOT writing on my blog J

Monday, I went to the all school meeting where I got the basic idea of what classes are being offered, etc. We also talked about other super important things like “If someone discovers they have an extra 10 pair of underwear, would they kindly return them to the laundry.”

After the meeting, I went to the darkroom and re-familiarized myself with it. I met with my darkroom mentor, and we had a cup of coffee while I explained the things that I had been up to for the past year. She then took me back to the darkroom and told me to develop film.

It was an amazing experience to be back in the darkroom. Last year, I had so much trouble in there and it was like a torture to have to go there. I had this amazing ability to not go there because of it’s association with pain. This first time in the darkroom was amazingly simple and easy. It was all old hat, and somehow, over my amazing break from the darkroom, I have this magical ability to make everything work just perfectly!

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I went to classes and got myself settled. My painting studio is where it was last year, and it’s just a great thing. I like being down there with the doors that are so tall and wide. I can throw them open while I paint, and I really like it.

Friday again was very special for me. We were going to go on a hike, but when it came down to it, there were only three of us that were going to be able to go, and John wanted to return very early. We got on the boat to Anti Paros and he walked us to the edge of town and pointed in the direction we should go. We had been there before, so we had some idea of the direction that we were going in. We walked and walked and found a field full of flowers. The poppies were blooming, and the whole field was dotted with red poppies and assorted other yellow and purple flowers. It was definitely a mythic experience to be in the field, and I can certainly see where the Greek myths came from, they were born in a field of poppies. It really was magical. I sure hope that they are still out when Jared comes to see me in a week and a half, because they are just something else.

After that, we went down to the beach. No one was there, and it was completely private. None of us had our swim gear. It was such a nice day, etc., etc. You can use your imagination to figure out how we ended up going swimming. The water was very cool, but it was quite nice. We got out to sit on the rocks to dry off, and that completed another perfect section to the afternoon.

As we started to walk back in, the clouds rolled in after us. By the time we completed our 1.5-hour walk back to town, the rain was pouring. We got on the boat and had a rough ride back home. It was nice to sit in the bus as it drove half way around the island to get back to Parikia.

I am working on the photos now, and I will try to post one or two of them. It was, however, the first time in a long time that I shot more film than digital. It felt good, and the photos looked GREAT when I took them into the darkroom.

Today is beautiful Greek Palm Sunday. I went into the church and had a very good time. I just stood there and watched them do their thing. Everyone got herbs and palm leaves. The church was decorated with palm leaves weaved into amazing shapes (like donkeys). It was kind of fun to hear them chant in Greek. I felt like an outsider, but no one looked twice at me, because anyone is welcome in a Greek church. The ritual was very interesting, but I can see how it has it’s roots in pre-Christian religion.

Today, I am headed to the darkroom and likely to the beach. I’ll tell you all about it when I’ve done it.

Happy Latin Easter!!!!

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