Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Less Than Two Weeks and Counting

Here I sit in my living room. I've got a long list of things to do and things that I've planned in front of me, and I can't help but have my mind wander to the magical place that I will soon be visiting.

Over the next two weeks, I have the chance to wrap up my life as I know it now and get it ready for the extension of the greatest adventure that I have taken in this lifetime. Even though I have been excited planning and gathering things for it the past 3 months, it hits me more and more each day that I really won't be in Oregon anymore. I won't have my dog or my kitchen or even the convenience of toilets that you can actually flush the paper down. I will be venturing into a land with tons of mysteries, tons of histories and tons of excitement. It's almost minimizing to think that I'm now, in the 21st century following the footsteps of hundreds of great people before me, both men and women. Will I have the chance to make the same sort of indelidable mark that they have?

And, it seems like two weeks is both much too long and much to short of time. As I complete more and more tasks on my long list in front of me, I realize that it is getting shorter, but I am adding new things to it just as fast. Just when I thought that I bought the last ticket needed for my first three week journey across Europe in two directions, another one comes up.

I do, however, feel that I am nearing the end, and the possibility of leaving the world as I know it behind to go and perfect myself puts butterfilies in my stomach and has me so excited that I'm practically hanging on the clock-hands of father time.

Each person in my path this far has had an incredible impact on where I am, and I thank them for that.

Please do read my blog and my emails when I am gone, as it is the small string that I have been able to wind around the world from me to you, and wether they are bulk or not, they are a personal communication from me to each one of you.

Love Always,

The Extremely Excited World Traveling Wanna Be Greek Girl

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