Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Exciting Journey to Come

I'm sitting here counting down the days until I leave for Greece, and I realize that the number is now 12. I'm almost to the single digits!! Right now my life is totally comprised of "getting ready to go." This "getting ready to go" includes, quitting my job and training my replacement, finishing finals (grrr), putting our house in some sort of an order that Jared can make sense of while I'm gone, packing, realizing that I don't have everything I need and repacking while looking for the one thing that I found that I had already packed, finishing up some wedding work I've been doing, hiring two photography assistants to help while I'm gone, more cleaning, convincing my dog that I'm not really leaving him, figuring out how to get loads of photographic paper through airport security, blogging and just generally relaxing you know :)

On a more serious note, the next 5 weeks are going to be very interesting for me. Right now I just get ready and prepare and all of that until the 19th. On the 20th of March, I get on an airplane and head to Vancouver, B.C., where I get to have lunch with my friend. Then I'm headed off to Paris on an Air Canada flight. I spend three days in Paris and then three days in Brussels. After that, it's off to Prague for 5 days and then one to Vienna for a couple. At that point, I get to make a long journey to Greece. Rather than travel through the Balkan states, I get to travel for two days from Vienna to the very bottom of Italy where I get on a boat for Greece. Once I'm in Greece I still get to head for a long trip across the country to Athens where I then get on a boat to my final destination of Paros. I do not know how much Internet access I will have while I'm gone, but I will have some. Feel free to email me, and I will respond, though it may be delayed.

I am blogging a lot. Almost any email I write or random thoughts I have are posted online at this point to be read by anyone and everyone. This is updated once every other day on average. The address is please do note that it is a different address than last year because I switched to a blog that will allow me to post pictures. I have, however, moved all of my old posts over if you missed any of them. My email is I probably won't have my phone, but any calls sent to my phone 503-560-8600 will be forwarded to my husband. If you have any boring mail that doesn't have to be sent to Greece immediately, my home address is (Jared will read this and let me know about it):

Christine Anderson
16738 SW Gleneagle Dr # 50
Sherwood, Or 97140.

My address in Greece is
Christine Anderson
C/O Aegean Center for the Fine Arts
Paros 84400, Cyclades, Greece

Ok. That's the update on me. Just lots of excitement about my upcoming adventure. I can hardly wait!

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