Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy March

It's been forever. Sorry. I am going to get a lot better about writing, especially because I've told so many people to start looking at my blog.

So, the new news with me is that I am going back to Europe. It's a big trip, and you're just going to have to follow me through it on my blog. Since I will have limited internet accecess at times, you'll just have to stay in contact with me through my blog, which, when I was there last, I was pretty good at updating (the blog entries can still be viewed online!)

Right now I'm just preparing. I fly into Paris, and I will stay there for three days. That's all I'm going to reveal right now. I am trying to keep the luggage count down, but that's not working very well right now. I have the whole dining room table covered with things that I think that I need to take. And, smart me is just trying to take 1 very small suitcase and 2 very large backpacks. I hope that I can fit it all in there. Otherwise, it's shipping stuff to Greece HOORAY!

I have accomplished some of the things that I need in order to go. I have some clothes and all of that ready.

Some major things that need to happen are

1.) Get my house cleaned. I mean really clean, not just piles of stuff everywhere that claim cleanness!

2.) Really look one more time and make sure I don't need anything else.

3.) Book a train and hostels for my 3 week trip across Europe


And on that finishing college note... I realize just HOW MUCH college I have to do. Finals are coming up...

So I'm off to study.

Only 19 days...keep counting down with me.

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