Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Photos

We have about 2 feet of snow here, which is quite a bit considering that we usually get less than an inch a year.

We have not really left the house since last Tuesday, and it is not looking like we are going to even be able to have the holiday get together we were going to have on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

I took some snow photos, but it was difficult with my P&S camera.

This is a very beautiful tree branch at a neighbor's house.

Our house in this winter wonderland. You can see the snow on the roof if you look closely.
The car. This is just the last three days' worth of snow collection.
Some neighbors that parked on the street can't even find their cars.
I lost my foot in the snow.
More crazy car photos. We aren't going anywhere soon.
The snow up on the deck of the house!

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the Bowlings said...

I NEVER thought there would be this much snow in western Oregon!!