Friday, December 05, 2008

Horse Magazine

My sister gave Daphne a set of Playmobil horses for Christmas. She opened it up while we were at Auntie's house so that she would know who it had come from.

Inside the box was a little magazine of the different sets of playmobils that you can buy. I gave the catalog to Daphne last night when she was getting ready for bed, and she sat and read it for about 20 minutes happily while I got everything ready for bed.

She made sure to point out all of the horses for me.

I LOVE Playmobils. We had many of them when we were kids that I remember playing with over and over again for years and years (they still come out at grandma's house for Christmas). They are a German toy company kind of like legos, so they are approved in my book. We are going to build on the set in future years!

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Dylan said...

Rowan has TONS of Playmobil stuff. He absolutely loves them. They really are awesome toys.