Monday, March 19, 2007

Figuring Things Out and the Moby Wrap

I guess there are a lot of things to figure out when you become a mom for the first time. These are things that don't come in the instruction manual when you are pregnant. Don't you think that when you give birth that they should give you some sort of an instruction manual so that you're not ENTIRELY lost. I feel like I don't know anything, but Jared and I are slowly discovering that we can find solutions to almost any problem.

The one lucky thing for us is that Daphne sleeps through the night. Last night, I had to wake her up once to feed her because it had been a long, long time since she ate the night before. She didn't mind being woken up, but she sure didn't eat for long. We love that she sleeps with us through the night. It makes life a lot easier for everyone involved because we're not up all night trying to handle things, and she gets to sleep all night and not be fussy all day.

One miracle thing that I'm discovering is our moby wrap. Its a long piece of fabric that you tie around yourself in various ways. You have the ability to put the baby in it in dozens of different positions. You are supposed to be able to nurse in it, but I'm thinking that it's going to take a while before we can do that, she has control over her head, but not as much as she needs to be able to nurse without a lot of support.

The miracle of the moby wrap is that when you eventually get it on and then get the baby in it that they are up close to you and they eventually fall asleep. It makes it so that you have your hands free to walk around the house, and the baby doesn't have to be in another room with you worried about her all the time.

I'm staring to discover how much of a miracle the moby wrap is for me. Daphne screams whenever I put her down, so I've been carrying her one way or another non stop since she was born. Now I can carry her, and still do other things. I have both my hands back. The other cool thing is that I'm not having to shift her around a lot, so she actually will stay asleep for several hours at a time, giving me more mommy time to clean the house and get back to work! I like that.

To find out more about the moby wrap, look here

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