Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bubbles and Squeaks

Not only is it getting a lot easier and a lot more routine to have a baby around, but it's getting to be a lot more fun. During her awake time, Daphne likes to be taken out of her blanket and her moby wrap, and she likes to lay on her back and stretch and kick her legs. She's adorable when she is awake and has nothing that's upsetting her. She lays next to me or on my legs and kicks her legs and swings her arms (watch out!).

Additionally, she's learning to "talk" a little, and she makes all kinds of bubbles and squeaks now as attempts to communicate. She hasn't learned how to smile yet, so all of her faces look like grumpy faces, but her talking sounds much happier. I'm looking forward to the smiles, though I am amused by trying to figure out of it is a good face or a bad face!

Daphne spends her awake time with her mamma making all kinds of kicks, swings, bubbles and squeaks.

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