Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Brand New Bathroom

The other day I was in my bathroom looking at how boring it looks. It was totally white, everything was white, and the tub had some stains on it. There were also the remnants of a glass shower door that didn't exist anumore. I decided that I was going to take down the metal tracks from the door. However, that one small project turned into an entire makeover for the bathroom.

I went to Target--twice and to Home Depot--twice. I bought new everything. A new towel rack, a new shower curtain. A new soap dispenser. New baseboards, new towles--EVERYTHING! Then, I decided that I was pretty tired of the ugly old white, so I bought green paint and went at it.

I spent two days until midnight painting and cleaning and redoing and screwing in new fixtures, but the result is much better. The bathroom is very clean and beautiful. I love the green paint, it just works so well. I've never been able to paint something before just any color. Now, every time I catch a gimpse of my bathroom, I just adore it. It's so much better and so much more exciting.

I also bought some bubble bath, and after I was all done, I sat in my bathroom and just looked at it.

It was rather enjoyable. The one remaining project in the bathroom now is to tile the floor and get a new cabinet and tile the top of it. However, that's much more expensive than just a new paint job!

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