Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ok, I know I disappeared

Hello everyone.

I know that from all appearances that I have disappeared from the face of the planet, but, in truth, I am still alive and actually doing quite well. I have been pretty busy recently, so excuse the lapse, and I am going to try my best here to start posting a lot more often.

Things have changed a lot for me. When I got home from Greece, I was pretty burned out from having worked so hard before I got there and then working so hard while I was there. I was very happy to have the opportunity to help take care of Jared and sleep a lot and get things ready and set up for my next greatest adventure.

In that time I

1.) Got set up and got all the supplies ready for me to paint.

2.) Built an entire darkroom in my closet that is going to work very well for the professional work.

3.) Worked very hard to get some photography jobs and got at least one! I am going to be working to do a wedding for a friend, and that is very exciting. Though it poses some interesting problems!!!!!

4.) Made my husband very healthy so he is off and running on his job and just generally doing very well in life, which is more than I can ever ask for.

5.) I signed up to take two college classes this summer, Geography and Poetry. They are two more core classes that I need and I am very happy to be working on them. I love college, so this should be another step on the path of me getting me degree, which will prove useful I KNOW!

6.) Paid off the last of my student loans regarding my high school education.

7.) Unpacked our house so that it is now beautiful and in use, my favorite!

8.) Cooked, A LOT!

9.) Worked on a course in Professional Photography and have almost completed it. I must complete it by June 24th, and I've got a ways to go! Wish me luck!

10.) Made arrangments to return to my beautiful country of Greece WITH the husband.

11.) Turned 21.

12.) Bought a bike that I use to ride everywhere. It is my new best friend, and I really like it!

13.) Started to work at the church for 40 hours a week, this is really good.

With all of these things in total combination, I am quite possibly the happiest person I know! So, that's the update on me. I will continute to write, so now, please do keep checking!


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