Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy Cleaning Lady

I'll just have to come right out and admit that my house has not been clean since Halloween. That is about exactly when I stopped feeling well enough to even feed myself, so there isn't much blame to be had, but my Christmas wish was that the house got cleaned. It didn't happen.

We did spend a good amount of time before I went to Eastern Oregon cleaning, so the stuff that needs to be handled at this point is the stuff that came in from the car from my trip.

While I was over there, my sister went through all of her baby clothes and gave me everything that is too small for her baby. I got a big bag full of clothes. Rather than just stuff it in my already full closets, I decided that I was going to go through everything and get things ready for the baby.

I've got 4 huge tubs full of clothes that had to be gone through. I'm going to sell almost all of my baby clothes at a consignment sale except for basic clothes in every size. Since I had SO MANY CLOTHES, I ended up keeping only about 25% of them. I kept all of my favorite clothes of every size and put them in separate bags and put them in one of my big tubs. The good news is that I got to keep all of the best of the clothes, and anything extraneous is going to be sold. The good news is that I get 70% of the money from the sale, which means that I might make enough money to buy Daphne's next set of clothes at the sale. And thus, the baby clothes morph into the big girls clothes.

This isn't all that crazy until you realize that I took a few newborn outfits and stuffed them into a diaper bag with all of my newborn diapers to take with us whenever we decide to go to the birth center. It's crazy because I don't even have a viable pregnancy at this point, but that's OK. I think that if I get my house organized up before the spring that I will spend the spring doing much more exciting things than organizing my house.

So call me crazy if you want, but I feel much more organized than I ever have in the past in the baby department. I get to put the baby car seat in the car around my birthday just in case. How fun!

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