Sunday, January 01, 2006

Boycotting the Post Office

The "economics" of the world is always pulling the people involved in it around and around. Everyone thinks that they need more money to support their programs, and if it gets approved in a bill or a law, not technically democratically voted on in America, we have to pay.

This is the case again this year when the post office decided that they needed more money to set up an escrow account. Their solution--raise the price of stamps. I've seen the price of stamps go up so much just in my lifetime, and there's always a "reason" for it. This time, as a citizen of the United States, I won't stand for it. If I didn't get to personally vote on a law wherein the post office is needing to set up a billion dollar Escrow account, I'm not going to pay. What does that mean?

It means that I am going to avoid using the post offices services in any way except for Priority Mail and Media Mail items. All letters sent by me will be sent via email. This year as I was setting up my financial accounts for 2006, I set everything up to be paid online. Less stamps, and for those companies that are billing us and are still not online with their payment systems, I've signed up for free bill pay with US Bank. US Bank will send the check for me for free, what does that mean, I spend $0 on stamps each month.

We'll all be happier, you don't have to hear me bitch all the time about paying more for stamps, and I get to spend the $3.00 I save all year on a dinner at Mcdonalds!

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