Monday, November 28, 2005

My Christmas List


Right now, I am just interested in big ticket items like plane tickets for Greece and college tuition, but I've also come up with other things for my Christmas list that people can look at if they desire to get me a gift. Of course, all of them are photography related.

1.) A plane ticket to Greece Approx.. $1500
2.) Help paying for my current semester in school Approx... $1100
3.) One of these. Specifically a snazzy one that I can use to archive CD's. Approx... $35.00
4.) 512 MB CF cards for my camera. Approx... $50.00
5.) One of these.
6.) Some NICE looking photo albums about this size. These need to be pretty nice so that I can use them for handheld portfolios.
7.) A nice electronic dictionary so that I don't have to carry a paper one around with me all the tine.

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