Sunday, October 30, 2005

What's for Dinner

Tonight, I was missing Greece an especially lot, so I was looking online for something to satisfy my need to have something Greek. Well, in that situation, the best thing to do is look at food. When I was in Greece, I remember having this incredible pastitsio that was just the best. So, I made arrangments to make that. While I was making it, I was thinking about how much I miss souvlakis, so I started to put chicken on skewers to cook. I also figured that while I was at it, that I might as well make spanikopitas, so I got everything ready to do that. I was in the kitchen for more than 3 hours just painting phyllo dough with butter and cooking noodles for my pastitsio. However, nothing is better than coming out the other end with a fully Greek meal. I told my husband that the only thing he should expect from me foodwise for the next couple of decades is Greek food.

My latest and greatest adventure involves being able to speak Greek fluently. I'm not too shabby right now, but I've got to figure out a way to learn it faster. Time to go to my other favorite site, to post and see if there are any Greeks that are willing to talk it out with me!

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