Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The New Things in My Life


So it really has been a long time since I last updated you all on my blog. I'm going to try to be better, but isn't that what I always say when this stuff happens :) I am now, at the very least just going to update you on what's going on in my life.

I am working in Portland right now helping out at my Church. I'm having a lot of fun doing that. It looks like in the next week that I'm going to be helping out with several hundred people that are going to be coming to live here in Portland. All the people are victims of hurricane Katrina. It will be really nice to help those people that need help.

Jared and I adopted a pug. He is really cute. We found him online, and we inquired about him pretty quickly. It turned out that he was a breeder, but he wasn't being used anymore, and they wanted to get rid of him. He was sent to a shelter place that takes care of animals, and he is really cute. We adopted him with a lot of red tape. Can you believe that we actually had to fill out an application that said who our vet is and name all the pets that we had previously? Also, we had to have a house inspection where they saw where he "reacted in his new living space." It was pretty crazy. However, all in all, he is very cute. He has a kennel at our house and a bed. He likes being around us because Jared really stays with him all day long. It's actually been a good move because Jared and him go out for walks all the time, so Jared doesn't spend his entire day in the same house all the time. It's been really good for the both of them. Actually, the dog (Biff but renamed Flaff to match the character in Jared's book), was abused we think because he flintches every time you bend down to pet him. He's getting much happier though with us. I'll keep you updated on this, and I'll post pictures as well.

Another exciting thing is that my sister Melissa and her baby, Eli have moved closer over here to me, so I get to see them more often. Eli is very cute, and I plan to visit as much as possible . :)

I recently got a new laptop, and it is helping me do my job a lot better as a photographer. It's been very worth it. I'm actually getting more photo assignments now, so I take it to the shoot with me and show it to the clients after the shoot. That way, the shoots are way better.

I've officially decided that I am going back to Greece next April or May. Jared is going to come with me, and we'll be there for 1 months together, then I'll be off to do my European tour adventure alone.

Cool eh?

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